Vogue Magazine 2011

Adele covers Glamour magazines "Women of the Year" July 2011

Adele pryder omslaget av Glamour Magazines julinummer, där hon besvarar en fråga om hennes rökning

“I gave up smoking for two months. It was f**king grim,” she told the British edition of Glamour magazine. “I had laryngitis about a week before the album came out and it was so frightening. I stopped smoking, drinking, eating or drinking citrus, spicy foods or caffeine. It was so f**king boring. When my album went to number one here and in America, I just sat in my room and watch telly because I couldn’t go out and talk to anyone! My voice was better when I wasn’t smoking. Within a week I noticed it had changed, but I’d rather my voice be a bit sh*t so I can have a f**king laugh!”

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