Out Magazine Interview

It may be premature to claim that Adele stands comparison with any of her idols, but at 23, it’s clear that she is something special. She wrote her breakout single, “Hometown Glory,” in 10 minutes — when she was 16—after a row with her mom, who wanted her to leave home for university. It was released in 2007, just 500 copies, in vinyl. Two years later she walked away from the 2009 Grammys clutching two awards — for Best New Artist and for her single “Chasing Pavements.” Her shoes were off and her belt was undone when the announcement was made. “I had just come back from the toilet, so my Spanx weren’t even all the way up,” she recalls. “Then I won Best New Artist, and it was like time slowed down, and I was hovering over myself, pissing myself laughing. It was amazing.”


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